The design approach for the Sandestin Resort Hotel & Conference Center is a fresh take on a coastal Florida hotel. Taking inspiration from the locale, sandy limestone floors and a palette of natural textures form the neutral envelope while bold chartreuse highlights interior features. Linear grained grey wood is utilized as a contemporary framework throughout and is paired with classic linen and mixed maritime metals, as displayed in the lobby pilasters with large-scale sconces. Movement in the floor patterning echoes dunes and water upon shore grounded by substantial cleft-face stone slab walls. Reflective, illuminated elements like the feature wall at reception and play against the textured mix of materials in the front desks, topped with lanterns. Light fixtures inspired by naval lamps are large and open, elevated with crystal and glass accents. The team’s aim is to create an elegant yet approachable space that both captures the community’s culture and charts its progression.
Client: Sandestin Investments, LLC
Coming: 2020